Mojave National Preserve:
Starting from the campsite Hole-in-the-Wall paved road turns into slightly sandy track and 11 km road starts scénic non bodied 16km which comes on the way to the campsite . A round of 27 km. I did not go around. After 4 km cycling on the trail uphill in a straight line leading to the scenic road I met on the road 5 cows without pies …. euh 5 bulls, wearing a sweet red I prefer to turn around and do the Scenic road in the other direction on 6 km with nice landscapes on a slightly valley lane. If I had to do it again, I would start with the scenic road to get back by the track.

Grand Canyon :
Several paths to practice mountain biking exist but especially in the forest to the south of the rim. After discussion with a ranger, apparently no possibility of biking near the rim (edge ​​of the canyon) :no: . I then showed him the book about the practice of mountain bike in the GC written by an ex ranger. He told me that he was cruising on the road leading to Desert View after the road leading to the Yaki Point. A path of about 2 km in the forest leading to Shoshone point but in early April practicable with snow and mud.
An alternative is the road reserved for shuttles. Another way to reach the points of view. No luck for me the road leading to Hermit Rest is closed from April 1 for work and I did my bike ride on the 1st : Shock: . However, Stopping at all points of view from Hopi Point to Yaki point, I rode 30 km with a visit time of 3:30 am starting from the campsite . Advantage of the bicycle on the shuttles: One can smell the good smells of pines (except when crossing the garbage truck), one can see hinds in the forest.

Monument Valley :
There is no possibility of mountain biking. Can be on the scenic route. The 5km hike around one of the mesa is superb.
On the other hand after Monument Valley on the road to Moab or Capitol Reef , the Valley of Gods trail is sublime. It’s 17 miles along a very hilly road. I rode 11km AR in the middle of this road, The landscape is super nice and we stop to go up and down the speeds because very hilly. Two cars crossed only in one hour around 10:00 am.

Arches :
Not really interested in bicycles. We crossed race bikes on the main road, in fact the road is beautiful but lots of cars.
On the other hand in Moab , the town a few km from the national park, it is a little bit of mountain biking. We see everywhere, tours are organized by loc stores. A dozen courses for all levels are indicated in a brochure available in the Moab tourism house . Arches absorbed all my time and I did not make the ballad that leads to the shore of Colorado.

Bryce :
I did not find any interest in bicycles, but I did not really look since the park is still under snow in early April.

Zion :
A path (the only one allowing bikes) leaving from the tourist center leads to the canyon or only can shuttle the shuttles at this time of the year. I made the choice of the shuttle and I regret it because viewing the height of the canyon shuttle can not see much

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