You may feel that your bike does not fit your needs, or you may want to get back on your feet after several years. Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to you? This guide introduces you to the most popular types of bikes.

Road and Road Bikes

This one is rather simple. Are you going to drive? Take a road bike. They are also called racing bikes because it is this type of bike that is used by professionals on races like the Tour de France.

But know that you can practice cycling with any bike. However, if you plan to stick with tar and asphalt, a racing bike will be the most comfortable, economical and suitable.

Suspension fork mountain bike

Do you like to venture off the beaten track? A suspension forked ATV does not have a rear suspension, but has it at the front, to cushion the shocks on the arms. On difficult terrain, grass, mud and forest are safer, faster and more comfortable than road bikes.

Mountain Bike with full suspension

Are you more interested in thrills? Do you like hurling down steep hills and off-roading? Full-suspension ATVs are designed for those who tackle gravity in order to gain momentum, take turns using their own weight, and know how to use disc brakes sparingly.

The hybrid bike

You like to go on the road adventure but you do not want to deprive yourself of exploring less marked trails and small trails. Or just want to be able to cut through fields when you want? Hybrid bikes are essential in these cases. These are road bikes equipped with wider tires, usually disc brakes, and whose upper tube is often longer.

This makes them easier to handle off the road especially when you face obstacles that are not found on the asphalt. The gear is generally lower than on a road bike, but higher than on an ATV. So the best of both worlds?

Single Speed/Fixie

How much speed do you really need? ONLY ONE. If you have difficulty climbing a hill, get off the bike! The more you pedal, the more fit you will feel and the easier it will be.

Gears are a masterpiece of mechanics, but they need to be maintained, taken care of, and there are additional costs involved. If you have a small budget or just want to keep your bike as short as possible, this is what you need.

City bike and Dutch bike

Their sturdy frame is ideal for strolling in flat cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, this type of bike is also gaining popularity with the rise of the “cyclechic”. A basket at the front will have its place on these bicycles of city traffickers, their comfort goes hand in hand with their handlebars allowing to “make the beautiful”.

These bikes generally have between 3 and 5 gears with a “far from the eyes, away from the heart” which requires very little maintenance and which allows to change speed if you face a tough climb. If you want to look chic without any effort, this is the type of bike you need.

Folding bike

This bike knows how to be very discreet which means you can take it almost anywhere. It is the ideal companion for those who go to work and the footprint is minimal since it can fit in a car trunk easily without having to fold down the rear seat.

The small wheels and the enlarged frame provide sensations halfway between the BMX and the city bike.

Finally, do not forget the size, it counts

All types of bikes mentioned above are comfortable and pleasant to use. So go for a ride in the nearest bike shop, or check out an online retailer such as Planet Cycling and tell them the type of bike you need. In the store, sellers will recommend the bike model that best suits your body size and budget.

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